Join us to learn audience growth, circulation revenue and efficiency ideas at the America East – 360 Media Alliance – I-SCMA Conference March 30-31

A new partnership – America East, 360 Media Alliance and Inter-State Circulation Managers’ Association – is coming together to bring you the best in audience growth, circulation revenue and improved operational ideas on March 30-31, 2015 as part of the Circulation Track at America East. I-SCMA is moving its annual conference to America East and working with our partners to produce two days of information-packed sessions.

Read the agenda for the Circulation Track at America East.

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Here is a preview of just some of the conference:

Earl WilkinsonOutlook 2015: The New Multi-Platform Brand Imperatives

This isn’t your father’s newspaper. As print extends their audience and advertising presence across more platforms, how brands are presented to stakeholders is changing. In this presentation, learn how the news brand is changing internationally based on feedback from INMA members worldwide.

Kathy HaleyThe Big Balancing Act: Traditional vs. Digital

The most challenging questions facing newspaper publishers today is how much to invest in digital while also reinventing how they produce, present and distribute their core product. Four publishers will address how they approach traditional and digital publishing from an investment and budgeting point of view. What percentage of their 2015 budgets is going into digital and digital development?

Steven A. Learn – Circulation in 2015 and Beyond

This special session will include a discussion on the ever hot topic of meters and pay-walls, cost cutting, new and viable revenue streams, tips on single copy/scan based trading, home delivery growth and how to grow paid circulation.  Very topical in these challenging times.

Scott StinesUsing the Web and E-Mail to Grow Your Bottom-line

Learn how to integrate the capabilities of the Web and evolving digital communications channels to lower costs, improve results, and increase revenue and market share. Learn how to effectively extend your marketing reach and increase frequency of personalized.

Mike ZinserNavigating the Ever Changing Legal Environment

The legal environment within the news-media industry is forever changing. Listen as Mike takes you through several cases/issues that can impact your newspaper on several fronts. This session will help your newspaper avoid many of the pitfalls others have fallen prey to.

Dan WilliamsHow Anyone Can Utilize Big Data

Big Data is here to stay! The world of Big Data for many can be very overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. Dan will not only explain how one can utilize this powerful tool, he will provide many examples of newspapers of all sizes utilizing Big Data to grow their base and bottom-line.

Bill HuffineFive Controversial Moves…That Worked

Learn how to incorporate five strategic moves that many might consider controversial. Though each was entered into with great caution, each yielded positive results without the drama for which we prepared. In this session Bill will share those five moves and their outcome.

John NewbyAudience Department of the Future

What does the audience/circulation department of the future look like?  To answer that question, one must understand how the changing industry landscape may look and what that changing landscape may impact your department. You may be surprised at the outcome.

Joe Salomone – Latest from the AAM Front

Learn the latest strategies to maximize your print and digital footprint utilizing the rules and guidelines of AAM.  This will be a can’t-miss session for your newspaper.

I-SCMA Team30 Great Idea in 60 Minutes

Need a plethora of ideas to bring back to your newspaper and implement quickly? This is one session that you won’t want to miss. You will come away with many ideas allowing you to move the circulation/audience needle quickly.  This session alone is worth the cost of this conference.

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