Below is a list of presentations from our 95th Annual Conference. Presentations available for PDF download/viewing have been made into clickable links below.

“Membership Conversion: The Post & Courier One Year Story” – Steve Wagenlander, Corporate Audience Development Director of Evening Post Industries

“Legal Update” – Michael Zinser, Founding Partner of The Zinser Law Firm

“Three Days: Living the Print Life in the Digital First World” – Dan Christ, Director of Circulation and Audience Development for Advance Central Services, Pennsylvania

“Newspaper Association of America” – John Murray, Vice President of Audience Development at NAA

“Best Retention Practices for Sustainable Audience Growth” – Tom Ratkovich, Managing Partner of Leap Media Solutions, LLC

“Single Copy Sales Best Practices” – Paul London, Distribution Director for the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill, NJ

“Alliance for Audited Media Update” – Diane Szubrych, Senior Manager of Publisher Relations at AAM

“Best Practices for Handling Scan-Based Stores” – Charles Love, Circulation Director for Express and Metro Single Copy for The Washington Post

“Mastering Print Distribution with New Technologies in a Targeted Multi Product World” – Mark Roggen, President or Roggen Management Consultants, Inc., and newspaper participants