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President’s letter

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To I-SCMA Members, Business Partners, Supporters and Prospective Members:

Wow, we passed the century mark! Congratulations and thank you to our members past and present. We are well positioned for our next 100 years.

As we transition our Board Leadership, I wanted to thank the former board members for their efforts and commitment to I-SCMA. The 2017-2018 Board looks forward to continuing the great work.

The highlight of 2017 was the success of the 1st Annual Mega Summit East. I-SCMA teamed with ONMA and NYSCMA and 360 Media Alliance led by John Newby. The result was a successful two-day conference well attended by both members and business partners. Productive and enjoyable time was had by all. We will now begin the planning for the 2018 conference. Watch out for a ‘Save the Date’ notice!

Our goals for the 2017-2018 year are to increase membership, increase attendance at the second annual Mega Summit East to deliver more value to newspaper professionals and business partners, provide training opportunities that you can use right away, and work with state newspaper associations and AAM/CAC on matters of interest to you.

Thank you in advance for your membership and look forward to seeing you at events throughout the year.

My Best for a Successful 2017-2018.

Joe Salomone, President


Our 97th Annual Conference

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Dear I-SCMA Members & Publishers,

Your I-SCMA Board has been hard at work. We continue to reshape our organization to improve our viability and health moving forward. We are on the verge of announcing major changes moving forward.

Currently we are in the midst of building our 97th Annual Fall Conference to be held at TurfValley in Ellicott City, Maryland.

The speakers at this year’s conference will feature top talent from around the county: AAM, NAA, The Zinser Law Firm, speakers on hot topics such as scan-based sales and best practices, and hauling and distribution cost-saving efficiencies.

This year’s conference will be full of information, takeaways and opportunities to hear from experts as well as peers. Bottom line, it’s a great opportunity to learn, network and take home solutions that work! Our conference promises to be unlike any conference in recent memory.

Registration for our conference to be held on October 18 – 21 is now open! Go to to enroll.

Information about participating in the Buyer’s Guide and about being a conference sponsor or advertiser is also available on our website. I encourage you to reach out to vendors you do business with and sell them an ad! Or, contact Dan Slep at to send him a listing so he can reach out to them.

I look forward to seeing you in October and thank you for your continued support.




P.S. – To help I-SCMA, please sell several ads or send Dan Slep your business contacts. Thanks again!

Welcome To I-SCMA

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I am extremely honored and excited to be your President.

Today, I-SCMA is at a critical stage entering our 97th year. We are all too familiar with the challenges in our industry and the impact on our resources, both financial and human, at our companies.I can vividly recall when I first became a member of I-SCMA, I was introduced to the organization by Past President, Bruce McEntee, while at the Baltimore Sun. As a young DM in the circulation department I was excited about being part of an organization with a rich history, a great reputation and which  was represented by icons in the business. And I remember the lasting first impressions of the knowledge and sharing spirit of the organization. That spirit continues today. Our charter is based on that spirit. The objective of the association is the mutual enlightenment of its members and the furtherance of the best interests of the circulation departments of the newspapers which they represent.

The industry is transforming, content is our product and content delivery is changing. Circulation department functions are rooted in tradition, but require expanding and evolving skill sets.

And so must I-SCMA evolve and transform. The next step in our evolution starts now.

Results of a membership survey concluded that we must change, adapt and evolve. We will begin that evolution on several fronts:

  • Re-evaluating our charter
  • Re-evaluating our Committee structure and assignments
  • Dramatically improving our communication among the membership
  • Upgrading our website
  • Forging deeper relationships with our advertising and sponsor partners
  • Expanding membership opportunities
  • Reaching out to member and non-member Publishers and General Managers
Jeff Simmons, 1st Vice President, Dan Slep, 2nd Vice President, and I are committed and accepting of the challenge. Our goal during the next year is to develop and execute a new strategy to ensure the vitality of I-SCMA.
As President, I will rely on the membership’s expertise and guidance.
I will be calling on you often. State Directors and Committee Chairs, I will be working with you to develop a grass roots strategy. And I will be challenging all of us to move I-SCMA forward.
As we look forward, there is much to do. The next phase of I-SCMA’s strategic planning and execution must get underway. The challenges are great, but the opportunities are even greater. I look forward to working with all of you.

Thank you all very much!


Michael S. Kane

Sales & Distribution Director
Gannett Publishing Services
(302) 354.6979