The V.T. Curtis Citation Award is presented in the honor of Vee T Curtis, Past President, honorary member and recipient of the ISCMA Achievement Award. He was a willing and active member who took great pride in ISCMA. This award perpetuates Mr. Curtis’ great love of those who made a significant contribution to their community and to the newspaper industry. He was a great, talented and genuinely good man, admired by all that knew him.

Mr. Curtis worked for 45 years in the circulation department of The Washington Post and earlier at The Washington Times-Herald. He joined the Times-Herald circulation department when the newspaper was acquired by The Washington Post in 1954, and subsequently joined the circulation staff of The Washington Post as City Home Delivery Manager. In 1968 he became Assistant Circulation Director and in 1973 was promoted to Circulation Manager. Before retiring in 1980, Mr. Curtis was promoted to Assistant Vice President for circulation in 1979.

Mr. Curtis was a dedicated member of the International Circulation Managers Association.


Any carrier who has performed an outstanding service to their fellow man while carrying out the duties of their newspaper route.

Carriers can receive a plaque for their efforts. Carriers who’s act results in a life saving effort will also receive a $100 U.S. check. If the carrier’s life is put at risk, the bond will be for $200.

Please forward your recommendations to Brion Chmura.

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