On behalf of I-SCMA, ONMA and 360 Media Alliance, you’re invited to one of the most powerful media marketing events of 2018, the Audience & Marketing Mega Summit East being held at the DoubleTree in Pittsburgh on September 22-24, 2018.

  • Listen to industry giants such as Mike Zinser and John Murray
  • Enjoy an executive panel of young media executives discussing our future.
  • Choose between 16 Sunday afternoon breakout sessions.
  • Outstanding networking and so much more. We can’t list it all here.

This event will send a message that our industry is more than just surviving; it’s thriving. We gather strength from networking with each other.

This event not only provides great networking, but is built around a powerful program that can transform your entire audience and marketing strategy.

We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh in September. Let’s send the message that Audience is alive and well in 2018.